Firefighters of the  Local 1928 are cross trained as paramedics to provide around the clock medical coverage to the citizen's  of Fort Thomas. This higher level of care requires on average an additional year of training to provide advanced life support.


All of our firefighters in the Local 1928 meet the 400 hours of training required to be a professional firefighter in the State of Kentucky. Most, however, have advanced training in areas such as hazardous materials, arson investigation, fire inspection, or possess a degree in a related field.


Our work agreement forms the back bone of who we are. It ensures a safe and harmonious work environment that is  critical to our profession. It ensures safe levels of staffing for the citizens of Ft. Thomas, and fosters excellence in the departments hiring and promoting practices.



Ft. Thomas Firefighters Local 1928 have a long tradition of giving back to the community we serve. We have assisted numerous local families in need. We are partners with the Muscular Dystrophe Association in raising money to find a cure.

Thank you for taking an interest in Ft Thomas Firefighters Local 1928, We hope this website can answer your questions about who we are and what we do. If you have additional questions feel free to contact us. Our organization's purpose is no mystery. We deliver fire suppression and EMS to the citizens of Ft. Thomas at the highest levels  possible with safety and compassion.

Ft Thomas Firefighters Local 1928 was founded in 1970 with only ten members. Since then our membership has grown to 18 as we met the challenges of providing advance life support to the citizens of Ft. Thomas. We at all times have strived at all time to maintain a harmonious relationship with the City of Fort Thomas while advocating for the safety and well being of our members. Our primary focus at all times is the health and safety of the citizens we serve.

January  12TH

Local 1928 Welcomes New Firefighter

Fort Thomas Firefighters welcome new firefighter medics Matt Fite and Adam Hinkel