Who We Are



Ft. Thomas Firefighters Local 1928 has 18 members and is associated with the International Association of Fire Fighters and Kentucky Professional Fire Fighters.  Our charter with the I.A.F.F. was signed on January 9, 1970.

We received recognition and our first work agreement with the City of Ft. Thomas in 1974.  The work and dedication of the members mentioned above and the administration of the City of Ft. Thomas has made Ft. Thomas a great place to work and guaranteed the citizens of Ft. Thomas the best possible service.  We are proud to carry on that tradition of service to our community and our members



Ft. Thomas Firefighters Local 1928 will continue to advocate for the safety and well being of its members and the citizens of the city we serve. We will achieve this through our tireless advocacy of safe staffing levels, professional development, and fair pay to ensure the City is able to recruit and retain the best talent in the State of Kentucky.




Members of the Local 1928 will obtain over 100 hours of fire training every year. Many of our members represent the City of Ft. Thomas through out Northern Kentucky by serving on regional teams such as arson or hazmat. In addition some of our members serve on county or regional committees. We are small in number so we are all cross trained to perform the essential functions of an engine and ladder company.


Members of the Local 1928  Strive to provide the highest quality  advance life support  service to the citizens of Ft. Thomas. We achieve this constant training and education. The initial training to become a paramedic can be over two years long. The State of Kentucky requires 60 hours every 2 years to recertify as a paramedic. Members of the Local 1928 will routinely far exceed the basic requirements. We also travel to regional EMS conferences to stay current on advances in emergency medicine. We don't only learn, we also teach. The Fort Thomas Fire Department is a preceptor program for several are schools. We routinely oversee and train paramedic and EMT students while they are in school. Several of our members serve as faculty at local schools teaching EMT, First Responder, CPR and ACLS classes.


The Local 1928 has a long tradition of charitable giving both in the community and around the country. Our members recently supported an Extreme Makeover of a needy family in the City of Ft. Thomas. We donate to and participate in

a variety of charitable events in the Northern Kentucky region each and every year. We also support the IAFF's main charity the Muscular Dystrophy Association.